Software user interface design may seem like just another buzz phrase used by developers to impress people who do not know anything about computers. However, the phrase is more than a buzz phrase. So, what is software user interface design?


Put simply, it is the design of user interfaces for software programs or digital devices such as for mobile apps. That’s not new, but what is new is the focus on ease of use and the user’s enjoyment of the app or software. Many years ago, when computers became commonplace, software designers did little to make the user experience fun, memorable, and easy. Command language was used and, unless the user was clued-up, it was difficult to use the computer. Software has come a long way from those days and is now designed to be user-friendly.


Modern software user interface design is focused on creating user-friendly dashboards and interfaces between humans and machines, whether it is for an ATM or a navigation app. It does not have to be for a computer-based experience, such as laptop or PC. Though software user interface design mostly refers to graphical user interface design, it is also relevant to voice-based interfaces.


The interface design is what enables the user to interact with the software. It does not matter how powerful the software is and what features make it stand out; if the user is unable to access those features and make the most of them, the software is useless. The interface design is what enables the designer to create the desired interface for the best possible user experience.


There are two important points in user interface design:

∙ Usability

∙ Efficiency


Usability enables the user to achieve the desired outcomes and efficiency is how quickly this happens without the focus being on the software interface. In essence, the user should not even notice the interface. The actions must be as natural as possible.

As important as these focus points are, user experience is about more than function and efficiency. In many instances, the user wants to have fun, like when they are playing a game on an app. Then the interaction is not so much about efficiency, but more about enjoyment. It is important to understand what the user wants, who the user is, and what makes for a pleasurable experience, while also ensuring usability and efficiency.


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By Isebell Gauche