You may have wondered why so many companies now make use of the services of UI designers. Understanding what UI designers do will help you gain insight into the importance of making use of their services right from the start for your website, app, or software-development project.

Why the hype?

First, let’s explain how UI design fits into the picture, since it is often confused with UX design. Though UX and UI designers work with the same goal in mind –to ensure the best possible user experience – UI design is a sub-category of user experience. UX is generally focused on the overall interaction and how it makes the user feel. UI is about the user’s interaction with a specific product, such as your website.

UI designers focus on the visual experience, such as how the user navigates your app or site via the various visual elements. The user, for instance, clicks on a button or swipes to move from one picture to another. The UI designer is concerned with the design of the various visual elements, such as the screen and its interactive elements that facilitate navigation.

Where does the user fit in?

It is all about the user. As such, the UI designers always design and evaluate the visual elements and movements with human behaviour in mind. Think about an app you regularly use. If it is one your favourites, something about it appeals to you. When you originally installed the app, you did not have to undergo training just to use it. The navigation was straightforward, thanks to the design having been done with typical user behaviour in mind.

UI designers design with human interaction in mind. They consider how spacing, colours, images, and patterns can be used to make the design intuitive. With this, we mean a design that makes navigation a breeze and not something that you must think about when using the app, site, or software. The UI designers put themselves in the user’s position to anticipate what the user expects throughout navigation. In essence, they make sure the design elements are put together in a way that appeals to them and gives a natural feel to using the app, site, or software.

Where we come in

Now that you understand the goal behind UI design, you can understand how making use of our UI designers can help to improve the user experience and ultimately the success of your website, app, or software. Give us a call for more information and assistance in designing the visual elements of your product to ensure the best possible user experience.


By Isebell Gauche