The user experience lies at the heart of the online digital platforms. Fail to understand the user’s needs and your company fails to gain trust. One step further is customer experience. But, what is the difference, and how does it apply to your company?


With words such as “customer” and “user” often used interchangeably, what is the difference, and does it matter? Is the user a customer or not? Is someone visiting your website or using a digital product once a customer? Can the user be turned into a customer if their experience of the product, service, or your entire company is positive? Let us clarify. Helping you to understand what a customer experience and a user experience company are will help you gain insight into the value of our services.

What User Experience Is

It is service- or product-specific and is the experience a customer or a user has with a product or service. As such, it is measurable, and it is possible to improve the user experience by gaining an understanding of the user’s emotions, motivations, needs, and enjoyment of the product or service. For this, we can review user or customer satisfaction ratings, the number of enquiries after interaction with a product, the time it takes the user or customer to complete a task using a service or product, and issues noted by the user. It is possible to measure these in a qualitative and quantitative manner. The information can be used to improve product or service design. It can also be used for the design of a new product, such as a website or an app, to ensure the best possible user experience. It is called UX design.

What Customer Experience Is

It is about the feelings, emotions, and perceptions that a user or a customer has when they deal with your company. It is not about a single product or service, but the overall experience; the larger picture. In essence, it is also measurable, since customer satisfaction upon interacting with your company can be tracked. You can look at ratings and recommendations to measure the customer experience. This is called CX experience.

User experience is thus part of customer experience and, unlike what one may think, the user and the customer are the same concept. The difference lies in whether you look at the macro or the micro picture. Both are important. Now that we have clarified what the difference is, why make use of a user or customer experience company?

For one, we help you design apps and digital products based on quantitative and qualitative feedback on user experience. Every step of the design process is validated, ensuring the product you deliver provides a positive customer or user experience. In terms of customer experience, we can measure the interaction that the user or customer has with your company or brand and help you improve customer experience and satisfaction.


By Isebell Gauche