Every time someone uses your mobile app, software, or website, they interact with the interface. If the interface is unresponsive, it elicits negative feelings and the user can feel inept or frustrated. It can cause them to abandon the site, app, or software. You lose money as a result. Understanding the interaction between the user and your product is essential to ensure that your product is usable, functional, practical, and enjoyable. However, even a simple flaw, such as incorrect or no feedback on a user’s mistake can cause them to abandon a task, and ultimately leave you without a sale.

User experience design makes it possible to understand who the target audience is, how interaction takes place, where there are problems with the interaction design, and why such problems exist. It also helps you understand what the user feels and does when they encounter such problems. Next, user experience design makes it possible to fix the problems and test remedies to ensure that your product provides the best possible user experience. Below are two common interaction design problems that can be fixed if you make use of our UI design consulting services:

1.      Being Clever at The Expense of The User

Despite all the embedded bells and whistles, spectacular designs often fail simply because the sites are so clever that the user simply does not know what to do next. It should be about what the user expects and not how clever or creative you can be in the design. It may look good and upmarket, but if it is not clear what is expected, you lose the user. The fix is simple – design first with clarity in mind, and then aesthetic appeal.

2.      Entrapment Is Not Appreciated

You want the user to take the action, but you are desperate and do not want them to leave before they take action, frustrating them. Have you ever been to a website and had trouble leaving? Whatever you did, you ended up at the same page or similar ones every time you wanted to leave, going in circles in the process.

The above and many other user interaction mistakes are fixable. Call on us to help you identify and correct such interaction mistakes in your product.


By Isebell Gauche