The success of your mobile app depends largely on the quality of the user experience. Providing an enjoyable and memorable user experience will give your mobile app a competitive edge in the market over peers failing in one or more aspects of UX. If your app is not downloaded, used, and positively rated, it is time to improve user experience.

The first step is to gain an understanding of the app users’ behavioural patterns. You need to understand how they think, what they want, and for what purpose they use your app. You need to gather data about the users and create user personas to gain an understanding of the UX. A few years ago, users didn’t have that many app choices. They were less demanding, but now, with multitudes of apps to choose from, they want more. Below are two tactics that you should implement to improve user experience and ensure they download and keep using your app.

1.      Improve functionality

First pay attention to functionality before you put the product on the market. In most instances, users stop using apps if they have to deal with poor performance and errors. Indeed, most users uninstall apps that cause problems or do not perform as expected. If the app does not work as it should, the rest of the user experience elements are a waste. To improve user experience, you must ensure the app enables the users to complete the tasks required to reach their goals in the fastest and the most enjoyable and intuitive manner.

It is important to prioritise the critical features and this you should do when doing product road mapping. The priority features must be included and perfected. Only then can you think about extras. Keep in mind that the extras are often the clutter that cause users to leave the app. You want features directly relevant to mobile devices, otherwise the users will abandon the app for a better one or revert to their desktops.

2.      Streamline the on-boarding process

The onboarding process must be smooth and if you want to improve user experience, this is one of the most important aspects to address. If a user struggles with the welcome, sign-up, and initial usage screens, expect the app to be deleted quickly. You want to show the user the value your app offers by showing them how easy and fast they can achieve their goal. The goal is the original reason for downloading the app.

These are only two of the important elements to consider if you want to improve user experience. If your app is not living up to expectations, call in our team for professional assistance. We will take the necessary steps to help to make your app the go-to application for your target audience.


By Isebell Gauche