App user experience design is about the design of technology around the user’s needs and preferences. Far too often, we find that apps are great for the designers, but because of one or two inherent flaws in terms of the user experience, the apps are deleted or rarely used. It does not matter whether your brand is well-known and loved. If you fail in terms of the app user experience design, your app will fail regardless of brand loyalty on the user’s side.

How we can help

The first step is to conduct qualitative and quantitative user experience research. This is done to get a better understanding of what the user thinks, feels, and expects. It also helps to understand the user’s motivations and the challenges that must be met. Based on the information gleaned from the research, we inform and validate each step in the app design to ensure the best possible user experience can be derived from the app. If the users love the app, you can be sure that they will tell others. They will use your app, and this will mean that it does not end up on the junk pile.


Our approach to app user experience design entails three phases:

∙ Ask

∙ Listen

∙ Create

It is about asking the right questions and not how many questions you ask. We understand the science of asking questions that provide us with specific information about users. The information forms the basis for how the solution must be designed. For far too long, companies have pushed their ideas without listening to clients. It must be the other way around. We listen to what our client wants and needs. Because we take the time to understand your requirements, we can align the user data to meet your needs, and give you relevant feedback.

We are user-centred and this means creating for the user. Users go online, but are not totally sure what they want until they start, and this is where we come in. We guide them to you and help them choose. This clarification makes it easier for them to make up their minds. It is thus about strategising to understand your project, followed by research to understand the user. Based on the results, a solution blueprint is created and the project roadmap follows. After this comes prototype development and validation. Final recommendations are provided, and you have an app design that provides for a positive user experience.

Give us a call to discuss your app design project and let us help you to create an app that is exactly what the user needs.


By Isebell Gauche