UX consulting is about the user experience of your digital product, whether it is a website, software program, or mobile app. It is about knowing what the user wants, how they respond to your product, and what type of emotion is associated with using your product. UX consulting services help you to deliver a product that is relevant, usable, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. We briefly look at three benefits that superb UX consulting offers, showing how we can help you achieve the desired results with your product or service

1.      Invest Now and Save Later

Ever bought something cheaply because you wanted to save money and later realised that the product simply could not deliver? The same logic applies to digital products. If you are not willing to gain an understanding of what the user wants, how your products make them feel, and where you need to make changes, your product may end up in the recycle bin. The idea of your app or site is to achieve certain objectives and this must be done in the most efficient way and ensure the best experience.

By making use of our UX consulting services, you can solve problems before the product is released. Every rand you invest now can help you to save a lot more in not having to redesign and gain trust after a disastrous launch product. Fix the bugs before the launch and avoid having to fix too many, which can reduce users’ trust.

2.      Right Product Design from The Word Go

You have the concept and a product that you want to release. However, are you designing something relevant that will be needed and wanted? With our UX consulting services, you can determine what the user wants, whether your product will be useful and relevant, and how to design it to ensure the best user experience. You get validations throughout the design process, helping avoid costly redesigns or ending up with a commercial failure.

3.      Improve Conversion Rates

There is nothing wrong with your website’s visitor numbers, but you do not get the desired conversion rates. Have you considered the purchase process? Do you get enquiries, but few actual sales through the site? Perhaps you have an excellent mobile app, but many users abandon it at the sign-up screen?

With our UX consulting services, you can determine where the bottlenecks and holdups are. You gain a holistic understanding of the problem. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research and usability testing, helping you fix problems or even avoid them altogether and gain the maximum benefit of having your concept transformed into a usable, desired, and loved product.


By Isebell Gauche