Web users are exposed to a myriad of websites daily, but the convenience offered by the Internet is often clouded by poor, user-interface experiences.


If you have a website that generates many visits, but these visits do not translate into the expected conversion rates, it is time to look at the user interface. This is where UI consulting comes in and benefits your business. If you can master the realm of the Internet, you can stay competitive in a world where people are connected 24 hours a day. Making use of UI consulting services is the first step towards competitiveness in the online world.


If you have ever visited a website and had left without knowing what exactly the site was all about, you are not alone. Many web users face the same dilemma. Have you ever tried to order a product from a website, but due to the difficult ordering process, decided to use another site? Once again, you are not the only one. Millions of web users are dissatisfied with their experiences, whether the sites are difficult to navigate, unresponsive, too slow, too cluttered, or the content irrelevant.


UI consulting helps you discover what users experience when they visit your website. It also makes it possible for you to design an interface that improves the user experience and thus site conversion rates. In addition, UI consulting helps you to connect with your target audience. For the user, it is about an emotional connection just as much as it is about ease of use. If the wording on your website is intimidating, speaking way above your user level, you will certainly not turn that user into a customer.


Likewise, even the shape of a “buy” button can determine whether the user decides to click on it. How easy does your website make it for the user to find information such as how to contact you, how to order, what the shipment details are, how to calculate costs of the products, and more? Did you know that most users scan instead of read websites? What does it mean for your site? These and many other factors are addressed through our UI consulting services.


We help you understand how the user experiences the interface and our design team makes it possible to improve the user experience and satisfaction level. In this way, you can get the conversion rates instead of just the traffic. Make use of our UI consulting and design services to maximise the potential of your website.


By Isebell Gauche