Once you know how UI consulting can help you, you will never go without the assistance of UI consultants again. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tasks performed by them, helping you to understand how UI consulting can help improve the users’ experience of your website, app, or software.

1.      Better Understanding Customers

UX consultants conduct research on user experiences. They help you gain a better understanding of who your customers are, what they want, and what they don’t like. They use surveys, polls, group sessions, and interviews to collect data about your customers and their experiences with your product’s UI. The consultants gather the data and present it in the form of a customer journey and empathy mapping, graphs, and the like.

2.      Website Auditing to Identify Potential Problems

A website is a visual representation of your product, service, or company in the digital world. It should not be for your convenience, but to meet the requirements of the user. To do so, the site must be user-friendly and this means it must load fast, display well on all platforms, navigate easily, provide the content the user wants, and provide for a memorable and enjoyable experience. UX consulting also entails website audits to identify areas where your site and its UI need to be improved for better performance and to ensure customer satisfaction.

3.      Prototyping and Testing

Website audits reveal shortcomings in sites’ UI design and interactivity. Sometimes the root causes for poor user experiences are not immediately obvious, so various approaches must be tested. To do so, the UX consulting team may have to develop a prototype of the site for users on which the usability tests can be performed. The testing makes it possible to identify the problem areas and recommend corrections based on the user and client test results.

4.      Strategy Development

Achieving the best possible user experience takes some time. Sometimes the company can do it through UI changes. However, in many instances, change on an organisational level is required, or a complete digital makeover. It is imperative to have a strategy in place to do so and with the help of UX consulting experts, it can be accomplished. The consultants assist the company to develop the appropriate strategy. The process entails meetings with the stakeholders, extensive research and, based on the data gathered, the drafting of a vision of the desired user experience. The recommendations form the basis of the new strategy.

These are only a glimpse into the role of the UX consultant. Give us a call to help you develop a website, app, or software UI that guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction.


By Isebell Gauche