You can build all the digital products you want, using the latest and most advance technologies, and still not have success with the products. The secret lies in improving the software customer experience. But, just how important is software customer experience for the future of your product and brand?


The customer does not just subscribe to a service, buy a product, or support a brand. Instead, the customer perceives the process as either an enjoyable and easy-to-understand process (and thus a positive experience), or as something to remove from memory. It is the sum of experiences with the software and thus the customer’s perception of the product that should be your focus.


As company, you have some concept of what you want the customer to experience and how the customer should perceive your software and and product. Getting from what you want to what the customer wants is where we come in. We help you discover how the customer experiences your software, or wants to experience it. We help you include the design elements that will improve on the customer’s experience of your software.


However, customer experience is the sum of their experiences with your brand. This includes the software support, guidance, ease of use, usefulness, and brand integrity. We provide you with the user and customer experience consultation and design services you require to develop and improve your product to make it customer-centric and thus a winning concept.


Intuitiveness, a facility to provide feedback, step-by-step audio and visual guidance, ease of installation, and simplified processes are what improve the software customer experience. However, getting to the point where you understand and connect with the customer to deliver a product and brand experience that boosts perception of the brand is what the UX and CX design and consultation process is about.


Customers are less likely to speak in company jargon. If they want to tell friends about software. They do not say they enjoy using it “30% more” than the product from your rival. They either say it is amazing or that they do not like using it because it is slow, takes up too much space, needs updates too often, or slows down their computer. It is an emotional dynamic for the customer and you need to connect on that level.

You want your product to have the Wow! factor and not be forgotten or deleted after download because of an unpleasant software customer experience. Let us help you get it right to and put your product in the Wow! instead of Delete category.


By Isebell Gauche