In 2017, according to the information from Statista, a whopping 197 billion apps were downloaded to mobile devices. It is expected that by the year 2021, the figure will be closer to 352 billion app downloads per year globally. With the mobile app industry having been around for almost a decade, it has gained considerable popularity with mobile and web users. But, more important, what role does app customer experience play and does your app get the downloads and usage you expected?


Whether you are in the process of designing an app, are about to launch it, or have already launched it (but have not had great success with it), app customer experience is important. It is more than just the user interface. It is about how the user experiences the support, the download process, and the relevancy to their needs, as well as the ease of use installation, and updates, the speed of loading, the data intensiveness, navigation, and more.


UX consulting and design enable you to gain insight regarding the app customer experience, including the perceptions before download, after download (and use of the app), and the feelings associated with it. It helps you to get the fundamentals right to ensure best possible end-user interaction, not only with the interface, but with your company and the products or services you provide.


The app customer experience defines whether the user will abandon your app or promote it. As such, it pays to understand what the customer wants and ensure that your product and services are streamlined to meet the customer’s expectations. To enhance the app customer experience, you will, for instance, want to ensure error-free experiences. A huge number of users uninstall apps because of errors in functionality. Apart from errors, poor performance is one of the main reasons people stop using downloaded apps.


For the most part, people download apps to do things, find information, connect with others, or relax. If the on-board app customer experience disappoints, you can expect the user to uninstall the app as quickly as they downloaded it. The first few screens of the app are exceptionally important. Adding an easy-to-use tutorial on how to use the app will improve the user experience. Making it less data-intensive is also recommended.


These are but a few issues that customers have with apps. Let us help you ensure the best possible app customer experience, and the usage rates you want, by addressing functionality, design, and related issues. Make use of our UX consulting and design services today.


By Isebell Gauche