Website design may seem straightforward, especially considering that you get a template for just about any type of business. You can even use online website-building platforms with all the features needed to create a website. The question is whether your website is interactive, functional, usable, practical, and relevant to the user, and how intuitive. Does the user struggle to navigate? What is the overall user experience of the site?

Any website design must be done with the user as the focus of the design and every element forming part of the website should be used and placed with the goal of improving the user experience. This is where the guidance of a UI consulting company becomes valuable. You can design the site and optimise it for organic searches with the hope of getting the sales conversions you want, or use the services offered by a UI consulting company. The difference is that the UI consulting company helps you understand your target audience. Instead of designing the site for aesthetic appeal, it is designed to ensure that users’ goals are achieved. Questions such as why the user visited your site in the first place and what they hoped to achieve are important.

Knowing what the user wants, needs, and hopes to achieve helps you design an intuitive site, but you need someone to do the research and this is part of what the UI consulting company does. At the end of the day, every element on the site is chosen and placed to ensure easy navigation, full engagement, efficiency, functionality, aesthetic appeal, and most of all, ensuring the best possible user experience.

UI design, as part of UX, is about knowing the users. As such, demographic data must be collected and analysed. Once you know the site users, you can build a personalised site. The UI consulting company does the footwork (the necessary tests, interviews, and polls) to get the information you need to design a site that speaks to the audience. With that in mind, every step of the design process is validated.

The UI consulting company furthermore helps define how the visitors use the website interface. Instead of designing something and the user must adapt, you design based on information about the user. For one, does your site make provision for touch-based interaction? You need to know how people will use the site. Will they access it from their mobile devices or desktops?

You need to understand and design the site for the direct and indirection interaction between user and interface. A reputable UI consulting company can help achieve this. Take the guesswork out of site design. Get expert help from our consultants to ensure the best possible user experience for your site visitors.


By Isebell Gauche