1.      Inconsistent Design

Inconsistency in app user interface design disrupts the positive experience of the product. Keep in mind that if users feel they are in over their heads and cannot figure out where they are and what to do, they will abandon the app. Stick to sound design standards regarding UI patterns, size and shape, fonts, layout, and navigation.

2.      Not Understanding the Difference Between UX And UI Design

Many designers think they have done a good job if they have included all the essential elements of UI design. The problem is that user experience is dependent on the UI design and how it affects the user’s perception of the app. Use the correct information architecture and connective elements in the design. Have the app user and design research done before starting with the layout of the app. Create a content map to ensure you understand the bigger picture. Then you can start building the app interface for a superb user experience. It is all about positive interaction and this means you must ensure a seamless experience from beginning to end.

3.      Failing to Prototype

Not prototyping is the same as putting a car on the road without ever having tested it first. Prototyping makes it possible to test various approaches. It enables the UX consultant to test how the user interacts with the app in real time. The feedback is also in real time and this enables you to change the design to match the expectations of the target audience. Prototyping helps save time and makes collaboration during development easier.

4.      Requiring Too Much Information

Too many forms and too much information required lead to lower conversion rates. Though log-in, sign-up, and subscription forms have their place in user experience design, incoherent use causes frustration. If the users must answer 20 questions first, they are probably going to leave the app even before they get started. Forms can be effective if designed correctly and can even lead to higher conversion rates. It is, however, essential to optimise the forms on your app.

How to Solve App UI Design Problems

Make use of our services and avoid the above and other deadly sins in app user interface design.


By Isebell Gauche