We're here for the juicy worms

We Ask

We can be a little like your 5 year old cousin when we want to know how your business works, but then most of the time kids ask the questions no one else does.

We Listen

We listen to what you think your clients want. Always remembering the difference between market research and usability research.

We Create For The User

Most users go online with a goal in mind, they might not be sure exactly what is is when they start. Let us guide them to you, and help make up their mind.

Our Skills

We're a melting pot of specialist skills. It's easier to say what we can't do. We can't explain why Tropical Heat ever went off the air or why some people drown chips in mayo. User experience, UI design, front-end and back-end development, illustration and client service, Digital strategy are just some of our main skills.


Jennifer Bezuidenhout

Technical Director

Jennifer rides into meetings with new clients on the back of Tony, her Shetland Pony, and takes no prisoners. Her solutions are as razor edged as her technical knowledge and business savvy. We've made her sound like an avenging Valkyrie, but she is much friendlier than that, not Tony though, he's a biter.

On the serious side Jennifer has 11 years experience in the digital industry (Including front-end and game development). She also has 6 years experience in the UX industry.


Brendon Hull

UX Director

Brendon's love for user experience was born back in the day sitting in front of a boxy Phillips TV set blasting 8-bit aliens away with grubby paws covered in Monster Munch dust (Yes, he's that old). The simple, flat interfaces of these early TV games created an obsession with simple, colourful design and one dimensional women (until he met his fiance, love you my 3D lady!). On the serious side Brendon has 14 years experience in the design / advertising industry. He also has 5 years experience in the UX industry.


Louise Salemink

UX Manager

If Louise could have all the animals in the world she would. Our inboxes are continuously brightened by a red panda attacking a pumpkin, or an over excited Emu. She also likes to dance and frequently bursts into a happy dance for no reason at all. Louise has 8 years experience in the design industry. She has also gained 5 years experience working with front-end development and CMS management.